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Aptitude Test

The Aptitude Test helps you find promising careers that suit you.

Create your personal profile by completing all five sections of the Aptitude Test. This profile will help put together your likes, talents, hobbies, personality traits, and will show you careers that fit with who you are.

The more you complete your profile, the more likely you are to be shown careers that interest you.

You will be able to save your profile so that you can complete, modify or refine it. Refining your profile will give you better career suggestions. Also, you can print the career suggestions to bring to a meeting meet with a guidance counsellor.

Start the Aptitude Test

This questionnaire is not a test and has not been validated scientifically. It is simply intended as a tool to start thinking about your career options. If you want to go further, we suggest you consult a guidance counsellor, an academic and vocational counsellor or your career options education teacher.