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Sheriffs and bailiffs

Other titles : chief deputy sheriff, chief sheriff, court bailiff, court enforcement officer, deputy sheriff, district sheriff, private bailiff, process server, sheriff's bailiff, sheriff's officer, writ server - bailiff


Description :

Sheriffs execute and enforce court orders, warrants and writs, participate in seizure and sale of property and perform courtroom and other related duties. Bailiffs serve legal orders and documents, seize or repossess properties, evict tenants and perform other related activities. Sheriffs and bailiffs are employed by provincial or territorial courts, and bailiffs may be employed as officers of the court or in private service as agents for creditors.

Main duties :

  • Serve statements of claims, summonses, warrants, jury summonses, orders to pay spousal support, and other court orders
  • Serve writs of execution by seizing and selling property and distributing the proceeds according to court decisions
  • Locate property and make seizures and removals under various acts of Parliament
  • Provide courthouse security for judges and perimeter security for the courthouse
  • Escort prisoners to and from courts and correctional institutions
  • Prepare comprehensive reports and affidavits and maintain records
  • Attend court, escort witnesses and assist in maintaining order
  • Ensure security support services for sequestered juries
  • Issue warrants for imprisonment, arrest or apprehension.


Diploma of College Studies (DCS)


Paralegal Technology

Program length: 3 years

Program Objectives

This program aims to train the student to respond to the needs and demands of different work environments of a paralegal technician. The student must demonstrate the appropriate personal and professional attitudes for the legal field (autonomy, judgement and discernment, analyze judicial decisions, sense of observation, efficiency, discretion and ethics, etc.) as well as their ability to manage their time and to work with purpose.

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