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Technical occupations in geomatics and meteorology

Other titles : aerial photograph analyst, aerial photograph interpreter, aerial photograph technician, aerial survey technician, aerial survey technologist, geographic information systems (GIS) technician, geographic information systems (GIS) technologist, geological information system technician, geological information system technologist, geological mapping technician, remote sensing (RS) technologist, softcopy photogrammetrist, surface weather observer, weather chart plotter, weather forecast presentation technician, weather station operations technician


Description :

Technical occupations in geomatics include aerial survey, remote sensing, geographic information systems, cartographic and photogrammetric technologists and technicians, who gather, analyze, interpret and use geospatial information for applications in natural resources, geology, environmental research and land use planning. Meteorological technologists and technicians observe weather and atmospheric conditions, record, interpret, transmit and report on meteorological data, and provide weather information to the agricultural, natural resources and transportation industries and the public. Geomatics technologists and technicians are employed by all levels of government, utilities, mapping, computer software, forestry, architectural, engineering and consulting firms and other related establishments. Meteorological technologists and technicians are employed by all levels of government, the media, natural resources, utilities and transportation companies and consulting firms.

Main duties :

Aerial survey and remote sensing technologists and technicians

  • Operate analog or digital airborne remote sensing equipment such as survey film or digital cameras, laser or radar sensors and scanners to prepare images, data and graphic reports, maps and charts from airborne or satellite data
  • Develop specialized analog and computer software specific routines to customize and integrate image analysis
  • Inspect quality of recorded images, verify the integrity and accuracy of data contained in remote sensing image analysis systems, and adjust equipment as required.

Geographic information systems (GIS) technologists and technicians

  • Operate specialized computer hardware and software and peripheral equipment to model, manage, analyze and display geospatial data
  • Develop specialized computer software routines, Internet based GIS, database and business applications to customize geographic information
  • Work with external organizations on data transfer and systems compatibility issues
  • Perform data entry and editing activities and maintenance operations to systems following pre-determined calibration procedures
  • Integrate external software such as spreadsheets and statistical packages with GIS software
  • Train and provide technical support for GIS users.

Cartographic technologists and technicians 

  • Plan map content, format and design and compile required data from aerial photographs, survey notes, records, reports and other maps
  • Generate maps and related graphs and charts using digital mapping techniques, computer interactive graphics, computer assisted design and drafting (CAD) software, traditional drafting methods and computer or traditional scribing tools
  • Inspect final compositions to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Photogrammetric technologists and technicians 

  • Examine and interpret aerial photographs to prepare topographic maps, aerial-photograph mosaics and related charts
  • Operate digitized stereoscopic plotting and computer graphics equipment to provide three-dimensional optical models of terrain, to trace maps, and to prepare charts and tables
  • Monitor recording quality and adjust equipment as required and inspect quality of recorded images.

Meteorological technologists and technicians 

  • Observe, record and transmit atmospheric and weather information including air pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation and cloud, wind and ultraviolet conditions
  • Observe, chart and report on ice conditions in navigable waters and snow conditions, and participate in programs to forecast and control avalanches in mountainous terrain
  • Maintain climatological databases, analyze and interpret weather data and participate in the production of weather maps, charts and reports
  • Install, inspect, monitor, calibrate and maintain meteorological equipment and instruments.





(Training program available in French only)

Program length: 3 years

Program Objectives

Ce programme vise à ce que les élèves deviennent polyvalents à interpréter et à traiter les données d'arpentage; à établir et à calculer un réseau géodésique; à effectuer des levées de terrain; à effectuer des implantations; à produire des cartes; à produire des plans de rénovation cadastrale; à concevoir et à réaliser des systèmes d'information géographique; à assurer la gestion de systèmes informatiques; à produire et à traiter des images numériques; à élaborer des bases de données; à diffuser des produits cartographiques et géomatiques; à produire des rapports et des plans à caractére légal; à participer à la gestion de projets.

Voie de spécialisation A - Cartographie

Les personnes qui choisiront cette voie de spécialisation seront en mesure d'exécuter des tâches liées à la production d'images numériques géoréférencées, la création d'images fonctionnelles et esthétiques, la préparation de la publication de documents cartographiques, le traitement et l'interprétation d'images de télédétection ainsi que la production de cartes de base.

Voie de spécialisation B - Géodésie

Les personnes qui choisiront cette voie de spécialisation seront en mesure d'exécuter des tâches liées aux calculs de données de levés de terrain, la production de documents liés aux opérations cadastrales, la réalisation d'implantations, la production de documents à caractère foncier et légal ainsi que l'établissement de réseaux géodésiques ou de canevas de points de contrôle photogrammétrique.

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