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Rubber Processing Machine Operators and Related Workers

Other titles : • Conveyor belt splicer - rubber products manufacturing • Cured tire repairer • Foam rubber goods inspector


Description :

Workers in this unit group operate rubber processing machinery and assemble and inspect rubber products. They are employed by tire manufacturers and other rubber products manufacturing companies.

Main duties :


Rubber processing machine operators perform some or all of the following duties :


  •   set up, operate and tend machinery used for mixing, calendering, extruding, moulding and curing rubber materials or rubber products
  •   load or feed rubber, pigments, filler, oil and chemicals into machines
  •   check and monitor processing conditions and product quality
  •   adjust machines to proper setting as required
  •   train or assist in training new workers 


Assemblers, rubber products perform some or all of the following duties :


  •   lay out and prepare rubber materials for assembly
  •   operate machines or equipment or use hand tools to cut, shape, splice, fit and cement rubber materials to form rubber parts or finished rubber products
  •   operate finishing machines or equipment to trim, grind, or buff rubber products into final form
  •   train or assist in training new workers.


Rubber products inspectors perform some or all of the following duties :


  •   inspect finished rubber products for defects and conformance to specifications and quality standards, visually or using instruments
  •   affix seals or tags to approved products and mark and reroute defective products for repair or recycle
  •   fill out product inspection report
  •   may make minor adjustments or repairs to products.
  • Lanaudière
  • Montérégie





  • Moulding Machine Set-up and Operation
  • Production Equipment Operation


Program Length: One and a half year

Program Objectives

To develop in the students the competencies to perform moulding machine set-up and operations tasks and activities correctly at an acceptable level of competence for entry into the job market, to achieve the required verstility to work with injection, extrusion and extrusion blow moulding processes and to maintain equipment and accessories.

Educational organization offering the program




Program Length: One year

Program Objectives

The Production Equipment Operation program is designed to train individuals to apply, in whole or in part, the process for manufacturing a product. These individuals will be able to prepare raw and processed materials and machinery; operate conventional or automated production equipment; ensure quality control of manufactured products; handle raw materials and products; prepare products for shipping; and carry out preventive maintenance on the equipment made available to them.

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