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Industrial Electricians

Other titles : apprentice marine electrician, diesel electrician - railway, electric signal repairer - railway, electrical repairer, crane maintenance


Description :

Industrial electricians install, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repair industrial electrical equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls. They are employed by electrical contractors and maintenance departments of factories, plants, mines, shipyards and other industrial establishments.

Main duties :

  • read and interpret drawings, blueprints, schematics and electrical code specifications to determine layout of industrial electrical equipment installations;
  • install, examine, replace or repair electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes, conduits, feeders, fibre-optic and coaxial cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components;
  • test electrical and electronic equipment and components for continuity, current, voltage and resistance;
  • maintain, repair, install and test switchgear, transformers, switchboard meters, regulators and reactors;
  • maintain, repair, test and install electrical motors, generators, alternators, industrial storage batteries and hydraulic and pneumatic electrical control systems;
  • troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial, electrical and electronic control systems and other related devices;
  • conduct preventive maintenance programs and keep maintenance records;
  • may install, maintain and calibrate industrial instrumentation and related devices.
  • Laval
  • Côte-Nord
  • Nord-du-Québec
  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue


Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS)


Automated Systems Electromechanics

Program length: 2 years

Program Objectives

Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to assure functioning and maintenance of automated production equipment all the while respecting quality and technological changes, troubleshooting, repairing different systems and parts, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and electronic circuits, working in different companies that use automated systems.

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Diploma of College Studies (DCS)


Technologie de l'électronique industrielle

(Training program available in French only)

Program Lenght: 2 years

Program Objectives

Les principales tâches des technologues en électronique industrielle sont le dépannage, l'entretien préventif, l'installation et la mise en route d'appareils dans les systèmes de contrôle-commande. En collaboration avec des ingénieures et des ingénieurs, elles et ils participent également à la conception ou à la modification de systèmes automatisés ou d'installations électriques. Elles et ils sont aussi responsables de l'achat de matériel à l'intérieur des limites du budget alloué.

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