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Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists

Other titles : acreage-quota assignment officer, agricultural advisor, agricultural consultant, agricultural extension supervisor, agricultural livestock specialist, district agronomist, extension service agronomist, farm management consultant, farming consultant, field service adviser - agriculture, irrigation consultant - agriculture, professional agrologist (P.Ag.), soil conservationist, soil fertility expert


Description :

Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists provide assistance and advice to farmers on all aspects of farm management, cultivation, fertilization, harvesting, soil erosion and composition, disease prevention, nutrition, crop rotation and marketing. They are employed by businesses, institutions and governments that assist the farming community, or they may be self-employed.

Main duties :

  • Provide counselling and advisory services to farmers on crop cultivation and fertilization, harvesting, animal and poultry care, disease prevention, farm management, farm financing, marketing and other agricultural subjects
  • Prepare and conduct advisory information sessions and lectures for farmers and other groups
  • Conduct research, analyze agricultural data and prepare research reports
  • Liaise with researchers, educators and government or business managers on matters pertaining to farming and agriculture
  • Maintain records of services provided and the effects of advice given.
* Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists may specialize in specific aspects of agriculture such as animal science, field crops, horticulture, soil science, irrigation or drainage, farm management, marketing, agricultural economics, land use, and environmental management, appraisal or extension and education.




  • Génie agroforestier

  • Économie rurale et agricole

  • Pédologie, aménagement et conservation des sols

  • Zootechnie

  • Sciences biologiques

  • Environnement (qualité du milieu et pollution)

  • Phytotechnie

  • Agriculture


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